Born in the Netherlands in 1991,┬áthe second child of two white, happily married middle class people, I was raised in moderate wealth and with every opportunity and advantage. But, as I am always the struggler, I tend to make things a little bit more difficult for myself than strictly necessary. The reason I named this blog Privileged White Woman is because however tough I find life–and I find it tough a lot of the time–I have to remind myself regularly how lucky I’ve been and still am. Also, in spite of being privileged in more ways than one, I remain a woman, and an overthinking one at that. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have anything to complain about. Which makes the title both a disclaimer and a reminder.

In my daily life I work a low-level job to support myself as I try to get published with my novels. I hold a BA degree in philosophy and an MA degree in European literature.